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Beate WitzkeBeate Witzke - Germany
Oct 30 2013 Wednesday

Aideep was a very nice guide, good knowledge, good English and he has been very helpful and reliable in every situation. I can highly recommend him! I had a great trek with him! ...

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          Born from a love of Crowning Himalaya, Himalayan Club Tours & Travel / Trek & Expedition Pvt. Ltd deliver the better than the best trekking adventures to the incredible Himalaya region of natural Nepal. We are one of the experienced and well-known travel

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Kathmandu and Chitwan Tour

Welcome to our amazingly interesting Kathmandu & Chitwan Tour-7 days that includes nature, culture, and wildlife experience helping you to make out the very most ...

- | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 7 Days |

Kathmandu and Pokhara Tour

Join our fabulous 08-day Kathmandu & Pokhara Tour that caters to your craving for cultural and natural exposure in Nepal. We would like ...

- | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 8 Days | Medium

Kathmandu Pokhara River & Wildlife Tour

Welcome to Nepal for a memorable soft adventure holiday! Join our fabulous 10-day Kathmandu Pokhara River & Wildlife Tour which combines natural and cultural sightseeing ...

- | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 10 Days | Medium

Kathmandu Tour

Kathmandu Valley is the cultural, historical and political center of Nepal. The valley has also served as an important trade route for the travelers and ...

Annapurna & Mustang | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 5 Days | Medium

Kathmandu Valley & Bardia National Park Tour

The 08-day Kathmandu Valley & Bardia National Park Tour combines a tour of Kathmandu's architectural and historical grandeur with the natural and wildlife wonders of ...

Dhaulagiri Region | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 8 Days | Medium

Kathmandu, Chitwan & Pokhara Tour

Begin your tour in Nepal with our fabulous 9-day Kathmandu, Chitwan & Pokhara Tour which combines natural, cultural, and wildlife experiences. Stroll in a medieval ...

- | Nepal | Tours & Travel | 9 Days | Medium

Hindu Pilgrimage Tour

As we all know Nepal is the famous for its natural beauty and crowning Himalayan Range with world's highest mountain Mt. Everest (8848m). More over ...

| Nepal | Tours & Travel | 10 Days |